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Special Facilities for Families

An ideal holiday for families!
Make your childrens’ dream of living like their favourite cartoon characters come true!
Just like Heidi they can turn somersaults in the flowering meadows, run about in the woods and spot the animals who live there: squirrels,  roes, deer, foxes and marmots.
They can swing from tree to tree like Tarzan, jump on rocks and cross waterwalls in the adventure parks.
Just like Spiderman they can safely climb vertical and overhanging rocks thanks to the experience of our Alpine Guides.
And last but not least, like Alice they will discover the “Wonderland Valley”, where every pinecone, stone, treetrunk and stream can be a cue for inventing unusual and amusing games.
Residence Cristina is the ideal place for families with children, thanks to our large garden with games for all age groups. We are very near the main Adventure and Baby parks.