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Special dishes of the Fassa Valley

Ladino culture is reflected in the typical dishes of the Fassa Valley.
Typical entrée dishes you must try are Canederli, bread dumplings with speck (a smoked ham),  Puzzone cheese or spinach, and Ciajoncie ravioli with a potato and dried fig sauce. Don’t miss out on tagliolini ai funghi porcini (egg pasta with boletus mushroom sauce), zuppa d'orzo (barley soup) and pappardelle al ragù di selvaggina (egg pasta with game sauce).
Our typical main dishes include maize-flour polenta, which must be cooked in a copper saucepan, served with melted cheese, crauti, wild mushrooms, venison stew or spiced sausage.
Try our numerous local specialities such as speck, local hams, cheeses, various types of bread  and honey.
After a day spent skiing or trekking try a delicious helping of Fortaes, shell-shaped fried dough with redcurrant jam, or a slice of warm apple strudel.
Dishes that are a joy to the eyes and the palate! You can treat yourself in tyrolese style restaurants, while you enjoy the view from the balcony of a mountain hut or in wooden chalets with a lovely pine aroma.
 A great experience for the senses!